Create Your Own World


two smiling girls working together at a computer
Check out our game development camp exclusively for girls. Summer 2016 was the first year for the camp, and we are excited to offer it again for summer 2017! You will:

Gain skills

  • Create interactive worlds using industry standard tools.
  • Create game-ready character models.
  • Script interactive stories.

Be empowered

  • Receive wisdom from a professional guest speaker. In summer 2016, Kim Swift, designer of the globally celebrated game Portal, spoke to the Girlpowered! students.
  • Be motivated to stand out and excel as a young woman in game development.

Make connections

  • Forge new friendships with other career-driven game designers.
  • Focus on individual projects with group learning scenarios.

Dream big

  • Choose your path: Students will learn to use popular tools and programs for character creation, level design and more.
  • Gain skills that will prepare you for college and beyond.

rhianna grimes looking at fellow camper's project

Create the new generation of GirlPowered! games