Create Your Own World


The IU Media School Game Development Camp ensures that each child has a safe and productive week learning how to make games. Below are frequently asked questions. If your question is not on this page, contact Chabane Maidi, camp director, by email or phone at 812-856-8083.

Who sponsors this camp?
In its sixth year, the camp is organized through The Media School at Indiana University Bloomington. The camp is directed by Chabane Maidi, the Media School’s game lab manager and instructor of the Game Design program’s Game Technology course.

Will my child be safe?
The Game Development Camp ensures the safety of your child while he or she is attending the camp, either as a commuting or overnight student. Indiana University also has guidelines, which this program follows.

Which camp should my child attend?
3D camp material is generally more challenging than the 2D camp material, due to how many additional concepts are involved, but neither camp requires any prior training. The 2D and 3D camps are independent of each other, so either may be taken first. A question to ask is whether the student is more excited about 2D games or 3D games.

Are there any scholarships available for attending the camp?
We are still working out details of potential scholarships for summer 2018.

Will my child be exposed to mature-rated content? 
Any media the camp will use for demonstration will be rated T for Teen or younger. We use the Entertainment Software Rating Board‘s guidelines.

What are the age restrictions for the camp?
We are targeting students 13–17. The mathematical and logical material might be out of reach for students younger than 13, which might lead to an unsatisfactory experience. We encourage collaboration and discussion, and we feel students under 13 may not comfortably fit in with the older students. However, if the applicant doesn’t quite meet the cut-off age, and you feel that he or she is a good fit, then feel free to email us at gamecamp @

Where are the camps located?
The camp activities begin and end each day on the Indiana University Bloomington campus.

The primary building used for classroom instruction is Franklin Hall (601 E Kirkwood Ave, Bloomington, IN 47405).

Students signed up for the overnight option stay at Teter Residence Center (501 N Sunrise Dr, Bloomington, IN 47406). The building is located on the Indiana University Bloomington Campus, a short walking distance from the food court and classroom buildings.

What are the pick-up/drop-off times for the camp?
The camp runs from 9AM–5PM Monday through Friday, where drop-off is any time after 8:30AM and pick-up is any time before 5:30PM. For overnight students, students are on campus all hours of the day from Sunday evening to Friday afternoon.

What kind of food is offered?
Lunch is included and takes place at the Wright Food Court located at the Wright Residence Center (501 N Jordan Ave, Bloomington, IN 47406). Many types of diets are accommodated by the variety of options, as can be found on the university’s Residential Programs and Services NetNutrition guide. Breakfast and dinner are also provided for overnight campers.

What does camp cost?
TBD for summer 2018.

How do I sign up?
Registration is not yet open. Once open, there is a form to be filled out which then redirects to Indiana University’s payment processor for conferences and events.

What if my question is not answered here? 

Contact director Chabane Maidi by email or phone, 812-856-8083.