Summer 2018 Faculty Teaching Request

  • The Director of Undergraduate Studies would like to know if you would like to teach a course in the summer of 2018.

    Summer teaching is very much driven by the likelihood that a course will enroll sufficiently to cover the cost of instruction. The College has a formula that includes the cost of the instructor (11% of a lecturer’s or professor’s compensation and a summer SAA for graduate students) and the income derived variously from students paying in-state and out-of-state tuition. The minimum enrollment is 10 regardless of the calculation. In this formula, full professors require considerably more students than graduate students to have the course make. The College does not like to offer courses that have low prospects for making (and therefore high likelihood of cancellation late in the spring), so courses without a track record are unlikely to be approved.

    The courses we have successfully offered in The Media School include: C207, C213, C225, C226, C223, A320, A337, P369, S315, S317, S348, S410, F392, J360, J410 and J463. You may request to teach another, but please provide rationale.

    Request only undergraduate level courses. Graduate course have not been successfully offered in the past, but you may wish to talk with Andrew Weaver about this summer. Core courses are numbered MSCH-C101 to MSCH-C2XX. Please reference the Media School Bulletin and use the current prefix and course name, not the old department designations.

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