Request a website

  • The communications team will provide you with templates for class websites for your students to post their work or for your research info. These are built on the WordPress platform and include all the required IU branding.

    Class website requests should be completed as soon as possible and at least two weeks prior to the start of each semester to ensure adequate time for completion.

    If you need a Web presence to manage your class (syllabi, rosters, etc.), use Canvas, which IU provides for this purpose.

    Check out the school website for more information.

  • Note: Use Canvas to manage grades or other personal information about students. The Media School's templates are strictly for course announcements or other general info.
  • Example: MSCH-C225 Reporting, Writing and Editing
  • If possible, please provide usernames of all the students in your class. We can add these to your template to make the process more efficient when students first log in.
  • If you have any additional requests or requirements, please list them here.