Adjunct Faculty Appointment Agreement

  • Please complete the information below. We require a valid email address, preferably an IU email address, so that important information can be sent to you throughout the semester.
  • Verification of other IU employment
    Unless special approval is obtained, adjunct faculty appointments are limited to the teaching of a total of 8.6 credit hours, or 69% FTE, at all IU campuses during the fall and spring semesters.

    Additional limitations apply to IU staff. If you are employed by another IU campus (faculty or staff), please provide contact information below.

    In addition, if you are employed full time in another IU unit, please have your home department head send an e-mail with approval for your overload to Patsy Ek,
  • Terms of employment:
    • We expect all faculty members to attend each of their class sessions. In the case of illness or other emergency, please let Director of Undergraduate Studies Jim Kelly ( know as soon as you can so that we can assist in a contingency plan to manage the class.
    • Faculty should provide students at least two hours of office hour time each week and should make themselves available as appropriate electronically.
    • All faculty are required to participate in student course evaluations, which are administered during the last week of the semester.
    • Instructors in C225 (formerly J200) are expected to participate in periodic group meetings as a way of sharing information and helping to keep the sections fairly uniform.
    • To be offered on the final schedule of classes, Media School courses are required to reach a minimum enrollment. The school reserves the right to cancel courses at any time if they fall short of that minimum.
    If you accept the terms of appointment, please type "yes" below.