2018-19 Faculty Teaching Request

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  • The Director of Undergraduate Studies needs a spreadsheet that accurately records your requests for instruction so that courses can be assigned most equitably. This form will provide the needful information if you respond promptly.

    Please indicate which courses you would most like to teach next fall 2018 and spring 2019 in priority order. List three if your normal load is two and four if your load is three.

    Summer requests are not part of this form.

    Request only undergraduate level courses. Graduate course requests are made via a separate form also on the School's FORMS webpage. Please know that all instructors are expected to occasionally teach one of the core courses in our curriculum. Core courses are numbered MSCH-C101 to MSCH-C2XX. Please reference the Media School Bulletin and use the current prefix and course name, not the old department designations.

  • The standard teaching load for professors is 2/2 and the standard load for lecturers is 3/3.