Our Faculty

Meet our faculty

Faculty at The Media School include award-winning professionals with years of practical experience in their fields, as well as those renowned for their outstanding research work. In addition to these esteemed professors, lecturers and professors of practice, guest speakers will enhance classroom learning.

At the undergraduate and master’s levels, these educators will show students how to create media using the latest techniques and best practices, and will convey their deep understanding of the field to enable students to meet both practical and ethical challenges. At the doctoral level, they will teach students to hone their research and methodology skills, and prepare them for academic careers.

Adjunct lecturers
Bailey, John (johnbail@indiana.edu)
Bell, Tim (timbell@indiana.edu)
Berggoetz, Barb (balbergg@indiana.edu)
Bolstridge, Eric (ebolstri@indiana.edu)
Burgins, Scott (rburgins@indiana.edu)
Carney, Chuck (ccarney@indiana.edu)
Carmichael, Scott (sacarmic@indiana.edu)
Carrothers, Chad (ccarroth@indiana.edu)
Craft, Amanda (amcraft@indiana.edu)
Gastelum, Amy (agastelu@iu.edu)
Heslin, Maria (mheslin@indiana.edu)
Higgs, Steve (shiggs@indiana.edu)
Hinnefeld, Steve (slhinnef@iu.edu)
Howell, Chris (chrhowel@indiana.edu)
Hutchens, Terry (thutchen@iupui.edu)
Keller, Tim (tikeller@indiana.edu)
Knowles, Manny (knowlesm@indiana.edu)
Koop, Andy (koop@indiana.edu)
Lane, Laura (llane7@indiana.edu)
Leonard, Mike (leonardm@indiana.edu)
Mahern, Paul (pcmahern@indiana.edu)
Moore, Neal (ngmoore@indiana.edu)
Niles, Dan (dniles@indiana.edu)
Ritchie, Carrie (ccritchi@indiana.edu)
Rund, Chris (crund@indiana.edu)
Strawser, Donald (dstrawse@iu.edu)
Strother, Bill (billstro@indiana.edu)
Szymanski, Zak (zbs@indiana.edu)
Throckmorton, Jo (rjthrock@indiana.edu)
Von Hirshberg, Stephanie (svonhirs@indiana.edu)
Wellman, Curt (cpwellma@indiana.edu)
Williams, Susan (sulwilli@iu.edu)
Zaltsberg, Bob (rzaltsbe@indiana.edu)
Associate Instructors
Almond, Anthony (almonda@indiana.edu)
Balzer, Jesse (jebalzer@indiana.edu)
Iris Bull(irbull@indiana.edu)
Gilmore, James (jamgilmo@indiana.edu)
Heatherly, Kyle (kaheathe@indiana.edu)
Jamison-Koenig, Ted (edgjamis@indiana.edu)
Johnson, Katie (kaj9@indiana.edu)
Kim, Taeyoung (kim959@indiana.edu)
Kraus, Ashley (ashkraus@indiana.edu)
Kutnicki, Saul (skutnick@indiana.edu)
Park, Young Eun (yp8@indiana.edu)
Sokolov, Diana (dsokolov@indiana.edu)
Swanson, Alexander (alexswan@indiana.edu)
Vaughn, Zachary (zbvaughn@indiana.edu)
Von Vogt, Matthew (mvonvogt@indiana.edu)
Yang, Xinxin (Amy)(yangxin@indiana.edu(
Professors Emeriti
James AndrewsProfessor Emeritus, Communication and Culture
Patricia AndrewsProfessor Emerita, Communication and Culture
Richard BaumanProfessor Emeritus, Communication and Culture
David BoeyinkAssociate Professor Emeritus, Journalism
Trevor BrownProfessor Emeritus, Journalism
Brownlee, BonnieAssociate Professor Emerita, Journalism
Claude CookmanProfessor Emeritus, Journalism
Jon Paul Dilts,Associate Professor Emeritus, Journalism
Dan DrewProfessor Emeritus, Journalism
Jack DvorakProfessor Emeritus, Journalism
Peter JacobiProfessor Emeritus, Journalism
Klinger, BarbaraProvost Professor Emerita
James NaremoreProfessor Emeritus, Communication and Culture
David NordProfessor Emeritus, Journalism
Christine OganProfessor Emerita, Journalism
Ron OsgoodProfessor Emeritus, Telecommunications
Carol PolsgroveProfessor Emerita, Journalism
Steve RaymerProfessor Emeritus, Journalism
Herb SeltzProfessor Emeritus, Telecommunications
Holly StockingAssociate Professor Emerita, Journalism
Herb TerryProfessor Emeritus, Telecommunications
David WatermanProfessor Emeritus, Telecommunications
David H. WeaverDistinguished Professor Emeritus, Journalism
Cleveland WilhoitProfessor Emeritus, Journalism


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