Connect2 troubleshooting

Below are some troubleshooting options that may help you access the Connect2 Booking site for The Media School.

Be sure you include “https://“ when typing the URL.  If you do not type include that information, the website will not load.  For reference, the full URL is

Be sure you are connected to an IU network.  For example, if you are signed in to a computer in a Media School production lab, you are connected to an IU network.  If you are using the IU Secure Wi-Fi on your phone, tablet, or laptop, you are connected to an IU network.  If you are not connected to an IU network, you will be unable to access the site.  This can happen if you are trying to connect from a home computer.  If that is the case, then:

Install Pulse VPN on your computer, tablet, or phone.  The IU Knowledge Base article can be found at, and provides instructions on how to download, configure and connect to IU’s SSL VPN.

If you are required to use the two-step Duo login, you may be prompted for a second password when trying to connect through Pulse VPN.  The KB article discusses what options to enter into that field.

After downloading, installing, and configuring Pulse VPN, click CONNECT.  After connecting, you will be able to access the checkout site.

If you can view the website, but are receiving an error message when you login:

  • Did you sign in using the blue button, Sign in with your ‘IU Username’?  This option should take you to the CAS login page. If you attempt to sign in using the other option, it will not work, and it may generate an error when you try the correct method.  If this happens, try clearing your cache and reloading the page, or open the website in a different browser.
  • In the same browser, did you sign in to Canvas, IU Box, One.IU, or any other IU site that requires you to login through the CAS page?  If so, your browser’s cookies may be the problem.  You can open another browser and go directly to the checkout site through the URL listed above, or clear the cache in your current browser and reload the page.

If the above options do not resolve the issue, please take a screenshot of the error and email it to