Media, Sex and Gender Minor

Media, Sex and Gender Minor

The Media, Sex and Gender minor studies the highly complex and controversial role that mediated messages about sexuality and gender play in contemporary society. The minor allows The Media School to collaborate with a number of departments working on gender in media using their distinctive methods and approaches. The list of upper-level courses represents a variety of approaches and skills allowing students to engage with sexuality and gender by focusing on its construction and representation in film, through the study of these topics as their intersect with technology, as well as the investigation of these phenomena as broadly social constructs. Courses will investigate questions of ethical behavior, pleasure, consumption, and psychological impacts.

Required Courses

I. Complete 

MSCH-C 101 Media (3 cr.)

(3 cr.) CASE S&H

Examines the role media play in our lives-at work, at school, among family members, friends, and lovers-and analyzes pressing issues in media and society today, such as privacy, globalization, and convergence.

II. Choose one of the two following courses from the Media Core (3 cr)

MSCH-C 212 Screening Race and Ethnicity

(3 cr.) CASE S&H, CASE DUS

Critically examines how race and/or ethnicity are mediated through screen and audio-visual media (including film, video, television, radio, internet) and their cultural contexts. Using humanities approaches, topics might focus on representations and debates within mainstream, art, or alternative media. May address histories of race, racism, and racial justice. Screenings may be required. Credit given for only one of MSCH-C 212 or CMCL-C 201.

MSCH-C 216 Social Scientific Perspectives of Gender and Media

(3 cr.) CASE S&H, CASE DUS

Examines the representation of women in the media and analyzes women’s creative work as media producers from a social scientific perspective. The course will include lecture and discussion of areas of critical debate: visual representation across media platforms, women’s employment in media industries; women as an audience/consumer group. Credit given for only one of MSCH-C 216 or TEL-T 192.

III. Complete three courses from the following list (9 cr.)

AAAD-A 430 The Cinema of Africana Women

(3 cr.) A & H, CSA

Historical and critical overview of films produced by African American women from the 1940s to the present. The course emphasizes how black women filmmakers combine their creative abilities with a desire to capture dominant issues that affect black women’s lives in America.

GNDR-G 310 Representation and the Body

(3 cr.) A & H

Analysis of scholarship concerned with how the body is perceived, represented, and symbolically charged. This course examines concepts that include sexed bodies, desiring bodies, corporeality, body politics, and sociological bodily rituals. Thematically, the course investigates exterior/interior, solid/fluid, and sex/gender distinctions critical to discussions of the body.

GNDR-G 325 Technologies of Gender

(3 cr.) S & H

Investigates “gendered” ways that technological transformations reshape social life, physical space, built environments, or medical research. Familiarizes students with how feminist inquiry remaps such fields as computer technology, urban and development studies, geography, medicine, or health sciences. May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours.

GNDR-G 330 Looking Like a Feminist: Visual Culture and Critical Theory

(3 cr.) A & H

Advanced study of feminist film theory which examines gender in popular film from a variety of perspectives. Examines how cinema works as a “technology of gender,” how film constructs subject positions and identities, and what these constructions can tell us about how gender structures our culture.

INTL-I 425 Gender: International Perspectives

(3 cr.)

Examination of gender issues from international and interdisciplinary perspectives. May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours.

MSCH-F 375 Race, Gender, and Representation

(3 cr.) CASE S&H

Construction of race and gender identities across a range of media. Emphasis on the power of sound/image representations to shape and contest ideas about race and gender. Topic varies. May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours in MSCH-F 375, JOUR-J 375 or CMCL-C 412.

MSCH-F 420 Topics in Media History (Approved topics)

(3 cr.) CASE S&H

Media historiography, topics in national media history, national and international movements and trends. Topic varies. May be repeated with a different topic for a maximum of 6 credit hours in MSCH-F 420 and CMCL-C 420.

MSCH-S 410 Sex in the Media

(3 cr.) CASE S&H

P: MSCH-C 213 or TEL-T 205 with a grade of C- or higher, or consent of instructor. Explores the role and portrayal of sex and sexuality in media and examines in detail the potential social and psychological effects of exposure to sexual content in the media. Credit given for only one of MSCH-S 410 or TEL-T 410.

MSCH-S 451 Topical Seminar in Media and Society (Approved topics)

(1-3 cr.)

P: MSCH-C 213 or TEL-T 205 with a grade of C- or higher, or consent of instructor. Exploration of social problems and issues. Topics vary. May be repeated with different topics for a maximum of 6 credit hours in MSCH-S 451 and TEL-T 451.

SOC-S 422 Constructing Sexuality

(3 cr.)

P: S 370 or consent of department. S & H A sociological examination of a variety of forms of human sexuality from the perspectives of social constructionism and politics of sexuality.

See The Media School Bulletin for complete details.

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