Media and Creative Advertising Minor

Media and Creative Advertising Minor

The Media and Creative Advertising minor provides instruction in the practice and study of advertising, paying close attention to its history, current state of development in a rapidly evolving media landscape and its role in, and impacts on, contemporary society. The lists of upper-level courses represent a variety of approaches and skills allowing students to engage with advertising from a practical and applied or theoretical perspective depending upon their interests and goals. These classes will provide:

  • a critical framework to understand media advertising as a central feature of contemporary society;
  • skills-focused courses with a focus on the craft of writing advertising copy;
  • an introduction to the current state of advertising in the rapidly evolving media ecosystem;
  • comparative study of, and intensive practice in, studies of “old” and “new” media.

Required Courses

I.  Complete MSCH-C 101 Media (3 cr.)

II.  Complete one of the following two courses from the Media Core lists (3 cr.)

MSCH-C 207 Introduction to Media Industry and Management

(3 cr.) CASE S&H

Introductory analysis, using a case-study method, of how media industries such as broadcasting, cable, and telephone are structured, funded, and regulated; how media organizations create and market programs and products, and how they manage their operations. Credit given for only one of MSCH-C 207 or TEL-T 207.

MSCH-C 226 Visual Communication

(3 cr.) CASE A&H

Theories of visual communication including human perception, psychology of color, and principles of design. Application of those theories to photography, video, and computer graphic design in news communication. Credit given for only one of MSCH-C 226 or JOUR-J 210.

III.  Complete three courses from the following list (9 cr.)

MSCH-A 315 Advertising and Consumer Culture

(3 cr.) CASE S&H

Critical examination of advertising’s role in modern societies. Focuses on marketing and consumption as central activities in shaping personal identity and social relations. Credit given for only one of MSCH-A 315 or CMCL-C 315.

MSCH-A 320 Principles of Creative Advertising

(3 cr.)

Analysis of strategy employed in developing creative advertising, with emphasis on role of the copywriter. Research, media, legal aspects, ethical standards as they apply to the copywriting functions. Place of the creative function within the advertising agency and the retail business. Credit given for only one of MSCH-A 320 or JOUR-J 320.

MSCH-A 337 Electronic Media Advertising

(3 cr.)

P: MSCH-C 207 or TEL-T 207 with a grade of C- or higher, or consent of instructor. Principles of Internet, network, national spot, and local radio and television advertising; roles of advertising agency, station representative, time buyer. Credit given for only one of MSCH-A 337 or TEL-T 340.

MSCH-A 420 Advertising Concepts and Copywriting

(3 cr.)

P: MSCH-C 226 or JOUR-J 210, and MSCH-A 320 or JOUR-J 320. Intensive practice in producing effective advertising concepts, copy, and design prototypes for newspaper, magazine, direct mail, outdoor, radio, television, and converged campaigns. Credit given for only one of MSCH-A 420 or JOUR-J 420.

MSCH-A 441 Advanced Advertising Strategies

(3 cr.)

P: MSCH-C 207 or TEL-T 207, and MSCH-A 337 or TEL-T 340, all with a grade of C- or higher; or consent of instructor. Analysis and evaluation of planning, creative, and placement components of advertising campaigns utilizing the electronic media; development of original advertising campaigns. Credit given for only one of MSCH-A 441 or TEL-T 441.

See The Media School Bulletin for complete details.

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