Course Conversion

Undergraduate Course Inventory and Course Conversion

Beginning with the 2015 IU Bloomington Summer Sessions Schedule of Classes, all Communication and Culture (CMCL), Journalism (JOUR), and Telecommunications (TEL) classes are listed according their new subject codes.  Most JOUR and TEL courses are now listed as MSCH courses.  CMCL courses moved into four distinct categories African American and African Diaspora Studies (AAAD), Anthropology (ANTH), English (ENG), and The Media School (MSCH).

Please use this page as a reference during the transition.

Background: On July 1, 2014, The Media School in the College of Arts and Sciences began its mission to serve as the university’s pre-eminent site for teaching, research and service about the understanding and production of media. The combined faculty of The Media School, drawn from established programs in journalism, telecommunications and film studies, will promote innovative thinking in all things media, from public policy initiatives to digital news gathering and dissemination, from documentary film-making to sophisticated gaming and interactive media, from media effects to journalism ethics.

Starting in 2015, The Media School’s interdisciplinary curriculum, built upon solid liberal arts and sciences foundation, will provide students with course work and training in twenty-first century skills and approaches for the creation, delivery, and analysis of media in all its forms. Flexible degree requirements will integrate immersive digital and multi-media experiences and the study of information delivery with a variety of high impact, hands-on experiences, such as service- and project-based learning, internships, and overseas study.

Students in The Media School will have access to more than 200 research and teaching faculty; an incomparable collection of films and media archives; big-box and digital production facilities; the world-class IU Cinema; state-of-the-art studios and research centers; and student-run print, broadcast, and digital media.

New Course Prefixes

Department of African American and African Diaspora Studies

  • AAAD-A Cultural Communication

Department Anthropology

  • ANTH-A Interpersonal Communication
    ANTH-E and ANTH-L Performance and Ethnography

Department of English

  • ENG-R Public Speaking and Rhetoric

The Media School

  • MSCH-A Advertising
  • MSCH-C Media School Core (Media Managing, Thinking & Making)
  • MSCH-D Digital Media
  • MSCH-F Film Studies
  • MSCH-G Game Design
  • MSCH-H Ernie Pyle Scholars and The Media School Honors
  • MSCH-I Media School Internships and Experiential Learning
  • MSCH-J Journalism
  • MSCH-L Media Law, Ethics and Regulation
  • MSCH-M Media Management
  • MSCH-P Media Production
  • MSCH-R Public Relations
  • MSCH-S Media Science
  • MSCH-T Media Theory and Topics
  • MSCH-V Variable Topics and Seminars