Black Cinema and Media Studies Minor

The Minor in Black Cinema and Media Studies examines Black filmmaking and media within historical, artistic, formal, and national contexts. It is administered in consultation with the the school’s Black Film Center/Archive. 


Students must complete at least 15 credit hours in the minor, including all other college requirements for minors, and the following:

Required courses (complete both):

  • MSCH-C 212 Screening Race and Ethnicity
  • MSCH-F 377 Cinemas of the Black Diaspora

Electives, as needed to complete remaining requirements. 

Select from the following courses, at least two of which must be MSCH courses:

  • MSCH-F 204 Topics in Media, Culture & Society (“Emerging Media Nollywood Films” topic only)
  • MSCH-F 311 Media History (“Black Film History I: 1896-1927” topic only)
  • MSCH-F 326 Authorship in the Media (“Black Women Make Movies; Spike Lee’s Filmworks” topic only)
  • MSCH-F 375 Race, Gender, and Representation
  • MSCH-F 392 Media Genres (“Signifying Race in Horror, Science Fiction, and Fantasy Genre” topic only)
  • MSCH-F 398 National and Transnational Cinemas (“African Cinema and Politics” topic only)
  • MSCH-F 420 Topics in Media History (“Third World Cinemas” topic only)
  • AMST-A 200 Comparative American Identities (“Race & Visual Culture” topic only)
  • AAAD-A 277 Images of Blacks in Films: 1903-1950s
  • AAAD-A 278 Contemporary Black Film
  • AAAD-A 330 African American Cinematic Experience