The Center for Documentary Research and Practice is a multidisciplinary unit that brings together scholars and artists from across Indiana University who are working on an array on nonfiction media projects. It also serves as a home to visiting artists and postdoctoral scholars who are working on projects with nonfiction media components.

The Center supports faculty and graduate students who make documentaries as part of their research and serves as a research hub for those doing historical, theoretical and critical research on nonfiction film and video. The Center provides direct assistance in the form of technological and creative support for projects, and it also serves as a forum for faculty and graduate students to present completed and in-process work.

Our Mission:

  • To encourage the development of collaborative multidisciplinary documentary research and creative projects by faculty and graduate students.
  • To provide information about Intellectual Property and related legal services to Indiana University researchers whose documentary film projects present such issues.
  • To host documentary symposia and conferences out of which book and journal publications will develop.
  • To support the teaching of documentary and nonfiction media at both the graduate and undergraduate level.
  • To work with IU collections (including the Black Film Center/Archive, the Kinsey Institute, and the Indiana University Libraries Moving Image Archive) to facilitate research on and exhibition of their holdings.
  • To coordinate programs with the Indiana University Cinema on documentary and nonfiction-specific film and media.
  • To support initiatives that focus on documentaries with local or regional issues and concerns.