First Jobs

Explore first jobs

New graduates of The Media School find first jobs in a variety of enterprises that reflects the school’s ability to prepare students for a breadth of career options.

Here is a sampling of first jobs our new grads have landed:


Book publishing


Corporate communications

Corporate, nonmedia



Integrated marketing communications




Public relations

Other positions

  • Acoustic engineer
  • Applied behavior analyst
  • Associate producer
  • Communication associate
  • Communications coordinator
  • Design director/project manager
  • Freelance writer for search engine
  • Head graphic designer
  • Lead production assistant
  • Market research analyst
  • Peace Corps
  • Product development
  • Production assistant
  • Project management
  • Registered representative
  • Research writer
  • Social media analyst
  • Web developer

Start your search:

First, register with CareerLink on the College of Arts + Sciences Career Services website and check each week for new job listings.

Then, make an appointment with a Media School career coach who can guide your search and offer leads.

The Buzz:

Your weekly Buzz newsletter also lists a few internship openings. This list is far from comprehensive, but should give you an idea of some of the options. Only enrolled Media School students receive this newsletter.

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