For Employers

Are you a media company or organization with internships or entry-level positions? Our students are looking for just those opportunities. Media School students are prepared with skills they are eager to put to use in real-word scenarios, and our new graduates are ready to take on assignments that jumpstart their careers. 

Sarah Cady is the associate director of employer relations at The Media School and serves as primary contact for The Media School on career-related inquiries as part of The Walter Center for Career Achievement. Sarah focuses on making meaningful connections with employers and alumni of The Media School, with the goal of providing career opportunities for students.

Our employer relations team coordinates with employers on all aspects of recruitment, including:

  • Creating customized recruitment strategies specific to employers’ goals and needs to build brand awareness on campus and at The Media School.
  • Coordinating recruitment events with employers and alumni.
  • Posting jobs and internships to share with students.
  • Featuring employers, alumni, internships and jobs on the Walter Center’s website.
  • Partnering with faculty.

Work with us:

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