Finding your first job takes tenacity and a plan. While the tenacity comes from you, The Media School can help you devise a plan.

First, plan early. Think about the type of career you want and what companies or organizations may have positions that fit your plan. Follow those organizations on social media, especially LinkedIn.

Find out if alumni work at those organizations. They may be willing to talk with you about their careers and your prospects.

Set up an informational interview with companies you admire. In this type of interview, you aren’t looking for a position but rather want to learn more about the company and its career opportunities.

Network: Introduce yourself to guest speakers, alumni and other visitors to the school and ask them if you may contact them with a few questions via email or social media. Contact recent alumni who have landed jobs and ask them for guidance or leads.

Tap into IU’s resources, especially the school’s career coaches. Make an appointment to talk with one before you launch your job search in earnest. They can help you identify leads, consider your options and develop your resume, portfolio and cover letters.

Use the Walter Center for Career Achievement tools to explore a database of potential employers and jobs. When you are searching for your internship, take note of companies that also have job listings. Add that organization to your wish list.


  • Find jobs: See a list of employment websites that may be of use to media students.
  • First jobs: See a list of companies where alumni have landed their first jobs.
  • Career advising: Make an appointment.