Internship Courses

At The Media School, you may apply to receive academic credit for your internship (paid or unpaid). This credit will apply to your degree requirements. 

You are not required to apply for credit although some employers may require that you enroll in a course. Students who need more course credits also may wish to inquire about earning this type of credit. 

You earn the credit by applying for one of these two internship courses:

  • MSCH-X472 Media Internship (for those pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Media or Bachelor of Science in Game Design)
  • MSCH-X474 Journalism Internship (for those pursuing the Bachelor of Arts in Journalism)

You must check with your academic adviser before enrolling in these courses to  make sure they will apply toward your credits. 

Deadlines to apply:

  • Spring semester: Feb. 1
  • Summer: June 1
  • Fall semester: Oct. 1


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