Meet Your Career Coaches

Maria Cambone

Maria Cambone is dedicated to working with emerging professionals studying media, journalism and game design at The Media School. She teaches courses such as ASCS-Q294: College to Career I and ASCS-Q296: College to Career II, in which students earn college credit for learning about their values, interests, personalities and strengths; exploring career opportunities; and building lifelong skills to benefit them in their internship and full-time job searches.

Yasmin Elgoharry

Prior to joining the the Walter Center for Career Achievement, Yasmin Elgoharry worked at University of Massachusetts as an undergraduate admission Counselor. che began her higher education career at the University of Connecticut School of Law as a legal translator within its Asylum and Human Rights Clinic. She has also worked with TRIO programs, business graduate admissions, greek and residential life, multicultural student affairs and international studies.

Originally from Egypt, she grew up in Connecticut and received her undergraduate degree in communication and journalism with a construction in media studies from Central Connecticut State University and her M.S. in educational leadership from University of Rochester.

What is a career coach?

Career coaches help students to minimize their stress, discern what work is meaningful for them, create personalized career plans and work towards their goals. Coaches often do this by eliciting strategies and solutions with students in individual coaching appointments.

Appointments last for 30 or 60 minutes, and may cover topics such as:

  • Imagining and exploring career options
  • Formulating and pursuing career goals
  • Breaking into competitive industries
  • Overcoming obstacles to success

Some appointments also focus on skill-building, such as:

  • Writing and refining resumes and cover letters
  • Practicing interviewing in a mock interview
  • Developing and maintaining a professional network
  • Utilizing a personal or professional network in an internship or job search
  • Leveraging social media in pursuit of career goals
  • Negotiating first-time job salaries and benefits
  • Preparing for and applying to graduate school


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