About Us

The Media School at Indiana University is a brand new entity built on the decades-long traditions of journalism and communications at one of the nation’s premier public universities. Established July 1, 2014, it comprises the 100-year-old journalism program, the more than half century old telecommunications department and film studies.

Drawing on faculty expertise, the school aims to prepare students for 21st century media careers that require mastery of language and communication, research skills and technology. Beyond this, students will practice critical thinking skills and will achieve a thorough understanding of ethics and media law. (Learn more about Our Mission.)

Where is The Media School?

The Media School will be relocated in a newly renovated Franklin Hall in 2016. In the meantime, the school is housed in several places around campus:

  • Most journalism classes are in Ernie Pyle Hall, 940 E. Seventh St. Some Media School administrators’ offices also are there.
  • Most broadcast and production classes are in the Radio Television Building, 1229 E. Seventh St. Academic advisers’ offices also are in this building.
  • Film studies courses are conducted in several classrooms on campus. 

How do I get information about enrolling in The Media School?

If you are a high school prospective student or IU student not already enrolled in The Media School, contact 812-855-9247 for info.

If you are in high school, your first step is to apply online to Indiana University.

Visit us:


James Shanahan, Dean, The Media School
Ernie Pyle Hall 200

Maria Elizabeth Grabe, Associate Dean, The Media School
Ernie Pyle Hall 200

About the area:

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The Media School
940 E. Seventh St.
Bloomington, IN 47405


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